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Coaching and Workshops

Chris has over 16 years experience of working with students of all ages on developing drama skills, and using acting techniques in education and presentation.


Chris runs one-to-one coaching sessions for students taking drama exams or applying for drama school, and for business people looking to improve their presentation skills. If you are interested in booking a session, please click here.


Chris recently led a course for Acting Students at LAMDA. This involved introducing the students to different approaches to text, and preparing them for their careers as professional actors.

Shakespeare’s Globe


As one of the Globe’s Education Practitioners, Chris leads workshops on Shakespeare for students at KS2, KS3, GCSE, A-Level, degree and postgraduate level.


These workshops involve devising active learning techniques to help students across a range of abilities study Shakespeare. Students gain an understanding of an actor’s approach to the text, original playing conditions, and engage with Shakespeare’s characters, language and rhythm.

As well as running workshops at the Globe, Chris has taught in schools, colleges and drama schools around the country. This has included extensive work with disabled students, deaf students, students with severe SEND, at risk students, theatre companies, and students for whom English is a second language.


He has also taken Shakespeare training around the world, running courses in Mumbai, Brunei, and Europe, and runs professional development days for teachers.

In 2013 Chris was made a Globe Learning Consultant. As such he's part of a team responsible for observing and developing the skills of the rest of the Globe's practitioners, a group of about 50 freelancers.

He also leads training sessions for the whole department, to help develop certain areas of practice. And through regular meetings he helps chart the direction Globe Education should take in the future.






Photo: Maydays, RSC, Richard Lakos copyright RSC

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